Friday, June 16, 2017

Ireland: Muslims not happy over the Irish stance on polygamous immigrant families

(Dublin) The Irish Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the first marriage of a man, living here with two wives whom he married in his native Lebanon, is valid under Irish law. However, his second marriage isn’t, and boy has that upset the faithful.

In 1998, a Lebanese man sought asylum in Ireland and was recognised as a refugee in 2000. His so called wife was admitted here with some minor children in 2001 on the basis that she was his spouse. In 2002, when he was granted Irish citizenship, he applied that his first wife be allowed to enter the country. The State refused to admit the first wife under the refugee system on the basis that he already had been joined by his wife. So he took this to court. Yesterday, he lost the case and it looks like his other wife will have to return to Lebanon.

Well, that hasn't gone down with the Irish version of CAIR/MCB who have complained that by denying entry to second wive, it may harm the children:
Dr Selim said if someone is married to two wives, because the legislation of his country allows that and he has children from both wives, the law as it stands recognises one side and rejects the other, and that might be very difficult for the children.
Isn’t it great how in the West, Muslims use so called human rights laws in which to destroy the very fabric of our societies. Societies, I should add, these Muslims have sought shelter in after destroying their own homelands with the very same religious bigotry they now wish to install in their new countries of residence. Thankfully, in this case the, the Irish have said no.