Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Round up, 18/06/17

(Yemen) At least 25 Yemenis were killed when Saudi-led coalition aircraft struck a market in the northern Saada province of the country.

(Turkey) A soldier was killed and 2 others injured during a clash between security forces and Kurdish PKK rebels in eastern Tunceli province Sunday. On Saturday 17 PKK kurds were killed for the cost of 2 Turkish soldiers during security operations by the Turks in the South east of the country.

(Pakistan) A woman angry with her husband for not buying their 3 children new clothes for the end of Ramadan, got her revenge when she threw their children down a well, then followed them. Whilst 2 youngest (4our-year-old Muzammil and 14-month-old Muqaddis) drowned, she and the eldest (6 year old Haffiza) survived.

(Mali) At least five soldiers have been killed and eight wounded in an attack on an army post yesterday in Bintagoungou northern Mali, according to the country's military.

(Egypt) A roadside bomb struck a police vehicle in a Cairo suburb, killing an officer and wounding four others.

(Egypt) On Friday the Egyptian army killed three terrorists during a anti-terror raid in the Sinai.

(Egypt) A blood feud between 2 families in Upper Egypt's Qena governorate saw 4 people shot dead.

(Libya) Five soldiers serving with the Libyan National Army (LNA) were killed Friday in the central Benghazi’s Suq Al-Hout area. Three were killed by mines and two were shot dead. Two terrorists were reported to have been killed as well.

(Somalia) Five people were killed and 12 others wounded when Al-Shahbab teroritsts attacked a government military base in el-Lahelay village. Elsewhere a cease-fire was brokered between two rival clan militias in which to end several days of fighting that killed at least 25 people.

(Afghanistan) Five Police were killed and another 22 injured when 7 Taliban terrorists attacked a Police station in eastern Afghanistan. All the Taliban were killed during the attack.

(Afghanistan) One Afghan was killed and seven American soldiers were wounded in another "insider attack" at a base in northern Afghanistan on Saturday.

(Afghanistan) A total of 10 terrorists have been killed and 15 others injured, when the Afghan army who had been chasing an armed group finally caught up with them early Sunday morning.

(India) 27-year-old Aijaz Ahmad Malik was shot dead last night by Islamic terrorists in the Pulwama district of south Kashmir.

(Pakistan) One man was killed and six others were injured after an explosive device targeting a pickup truck went off in the Washuk district of Balochistan.

(Pakistan) ISIS terrorists riding a motorcycle ambushed a police patrol van in Ghaz Chowk area of Peshawarl on Thursday evening, killing three policemen and injuring a fourth. The wounded police officer managed to shoot dead one of his attackers, he has now been identified as an Afghan national.

Ramadan death toll stands at 3,699.