Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Iraq, 14/06/17

(Iraq) Iranian paramilitary militia currently sweeping down from Mosul along the Iraqi/Syrian border repulsed an attacked by ISIS today killing 13 idiots and destroying their vehicles.

(Mosul) An Iraqi army warplane wrongly killed a police member and wounded six others on Wednesday when it bombed a house in western Mosul.

(Diyala) A senior Islamic State area commander died of injuries sustained after an attack on army forces in Diyala.

(Mosul) An Iraqi police officer was killed on Wednesday and another was wounded during clashes between government troops and Islamic State members near the militants’ last hideout in western Mosul’s Old City.

(Hawija) Five infants died of various health complications as Islamic State terrorists continue to deny food and medicine to families opposing its rule in southwest Kirkuk.

(Hawija) Dozens of Islamic State terrorists wearing suicide vests launched a last gap counter attack against Iraqi police lines in Mosul early Wednesday morning. Starting around 3 a.m., the terrorists launched seven car bombs at the front lines south of the Old City, their last foothold, simultaneously, 25 fighters wearing suicide vests attacked police from behind their lines. (no count until firm figures are released)

Ramadan death toll stands at 3,100.