Saturday, May 27, 2017

US: Muslim Students Complain Prom Night Will Conflict With Ramadan

(Brooklyn) Muslim students weren't happy with how the school's prom night fell within the period of Ramadan. You know, that period where Muslims are told to refrain from all worldly pleasures for a whole lunar month. So they tried to bully their way in which to get Brooklyn Tech to move their prom night to one which suits their religious leaning.

Unfortunately for the followers of the peaceful faith™, the school was having none of this and rejected their demand to reschedule the prom night. A Department of Education spokesperson stated:
“The dance was planned months in advance and officials will not be rescheduling. Dinner will be served at 9 p.m. — well after sunset — so all students can eat.”
Naturally, as this can only be about Muslims when they play the victim card, they aren’t happy.

Student Pikeeza Shabbir opined to the media:
“I think it’s kind of unfair because there’s a major population of Muslims at Brooklyn Tech,.. because it’s Ramadan, and it’s a tradition in my family, I don’t want to miss out.”
What I can’t understand is how she closed off with this salient snippet:
“You’re not supposed to listen to music during Ramadan, so it’s not really allowed.”
Only during Ramadan? I'm pretty sure these countries have seen music bans. For the life in me, I can't seem to be able to find out what links them all:
Why, Muslims in the UK have objected to their children being taught music.

Yup, the followers of the religion who don’t believe in music, scantily dressed women or even the mixing of the genders, which they tell me is an edict from God, are now complaining because they can’t attend the prom due to Ramadan. An event which, according to the same rule book they shove in our faces on a daily basis, dictates they are unable to attend. Oh, look, there’s that ‘H’ word again.