Monday, May 29, 2017

Pakistan: 9-year-old rape victim sentenced to death for being raped

(Multan) On Friday night, 9-year-old Shumaila’s was sleeping in her room at her parents' home when Khaleel Ahmad entered her house and raped her forcibly at gunpoint.
“He was armed and I could not raise my voice.”
The next day, when the whole family came to know about the incident, they decided to approach the local panchayat (village court). There, four people, including Muhammad Shafee, father of Khaleel Ahmad (the rapist), forced the panchayat to declare the girl as karo-kari (blackened woman, the term means she has blackened herself by committing this sin, dishonouring the family) and has been sentenced either to be killed or to be sold on the charges of adultery.

Shumaila, naturally not impressed with the verdict, escaped the house after hearing the sentence given by the panchayat and took refuge at her uncle’s place.