Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ramadan death count round up: 31/05/17

(Yemen) Rival factions in Aden (seat of Yemen's internationally-recognised government) traded gun and rocket fire for nearly three hours at the city's airport over Tuesday night. One combatant was killed. The clash ended when other forces backed by a Saudi-led military coalition intervened.

(Turkey) Three Turkish soldiers were killed and two others injured during a operation against the Kurdsin southeastern Diyarbakir province on Wednesday. Elsmere, the Turkish Air Force, killed three Kurds in an airstrike in northern Iraq’s Qandil area.

(Saudi Arabia) A “disgruntled” ex-employee of a Saudi private school shot dead two staff members and injured a third on Wednesday. The man “who was dismissed from the school four years ago on the basis of anger issues and an unstable personality” opened fire at the administration offices, Talal Al Maiman, the school chairman, said in a statement.

(Pakistan) A doctors strike at Ayub Medical Complex Abbotabad has seen 80 people die due to non treatment these past 9 days, 50 of whom fall within the past 3 days.

(Egypt) A suicide bomber killed 4 soldiers in operations targeting the idiots who attacked a bus load of Coptic Christians last week.

(Kenya) 8 people were killed (7 soldiers and 1 civilian) when the vehicle they were travelling detonated an IED on the Kenyan /Somali border. After the IED was detonated, Al Shabab terrorists opened fire on the rescue party. Questions are now been asked regards the reliability of the Chinese Mine resistant vehicles purchased by Kenya.

(Libya) IS terrorists executed a young man from Bani Walid by firing squad after he had been abducted days ago in Garza district, nearby Man-Made River road.

(Libya) Egyptian air-strikes against Libyan terrorist hideouts (after the Coptic Christian attack) has resulted in a confirm kill of the leader of the Shura Council of Mujahedeen in Derna abu Mus’ab al-Shaaria,

Ramadan death toll now stands at 919.