Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Iraq, 31/05/17

(Tal Afar) Islamic State terrorist management, unhappy on how they are losing their 1000-year caliphate to the overwhelming force pitted against them, decided to show its blood thirsty followers just who is in charge. Which is why on Wednesday nine of their senior comrades were executed at the center of the town of Tal Afar, a major Islamic State bastion west of Mosul and near the borders with Syria (70 mm west of Mosul).

(Mosul) Islamic State terrorists executed 47 people who tried to flee their grip on Wednesday, while Iraqi airstrikes killed 16 others.

(Heet) A suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt blew himself up near al-Shaimaa School, in central Heet, west of Ramadi, leaving several casualties.

(Mosul) A mass grave composed of the remains of 60 civilians, including women, killed by Islamic State has been found in western Mosul (figures not counted to RDC).

Ramadan death toll now stands at 819.