Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Afghanistan: Video of German troops attacked by Jordanian troops

(Kabul) On the 28 December 2014, Over a dozen Jordanian security forces assaulted three soldiers serving as escorts to Hans-Lothar Domröse, then a four-star general in the Bundeswehr. The Jordanians threaten them with weapons, their safety catches off. The whole scene takes 20 minutes. Then the Jordanians leave. After that, NOT MUCH happened. The Ministry of Defence in Berlin talked about an “dispute”. Several media outlets, including BILD, reported the incident. A multinational investigation committee (Americans, Jordanians, and Germans) appointed by the ISAF leadership concluded that the incident was not criminally relevant. However, the available images tell a different, brutal story. German investigative authorities therefore have a different interpretation of the incident.

One of the German soldiers pressed charges. The State Office of Criminal Investigations (LKA) in Hamburg looked into the case. According to an LKA note from 13 October 2015 (made available to BILD), there is “no doubt” that the Jordanian soldiers engaged in criminal behaviour (robbery, extortion under the threat of force).

The German investigators suspect that the Jordanians even fired a shot at a German escort vehicle. Their potential motivation: revenge for an argument that took place two weeks earlier. According to the LKA documents, racism cannot be excluded as a motive, since one of the German soldiers is of Indian origin.

And yet, no charges have been made against the Jordanians . It’s like the Germans are even prepared to be shafted outside of German simply in which to not make a scene.