Monday, May 15, 2017

Korea: New President's lets talk to North Korea agenda gets off to bad start

(Seoul) Former human rights lawyer Moon Jae-in claimed victory in South Korea's presidential election the other day. One of his key foreign polices is for greater dialogue with North Korea, a huge shift in attitudes towards North Korea. His aim is to increase contact with North Korea, in contrast to the tighter sanctions of the last ten years. He is also unhappy about the deployment of a US anti-missile system on South Korean soil and vowed to review its placement.

Well all of the above went out of the window last night when NK conducted yet another ballistic missile test. With the missile, which launched from north-western Kusong, reaching an altitude of 2,000km splashing down 96Kms off the coast of Russia.

I wonder if he still wants to get rid of THAAD. Silly me, he's a former human rights lawyer.