Wednesday, May 17, 2017

UK: 20% of all child deaths in East London down to cultural inbreeding

(London) The penchant for keeping it in the family has resulted in 1in every 5 child deaths in the Eastern borough of Redbridge  (Islamic enclave) At a meeting of Redbridge Council’s health and well-being board councillors and healthcare specialists discussed the continued problem of young children from consanguineous marriages dying.-A consanguineous marriage refers to married couples who are first cousins or more closely related, and are not illegal in the UK.-The practice of shagging your cousins is most common among Pakistani communities, and the figures reflect that is so true in Redbridge.

Overall 19pc of all child deaths in the borough over the past eight years have been directly attributable to consanguineous relationships.

What surprises me is the fake shock expressed by the council at this news. Only 4 years ago it was revealed that in Bradford, 31% of all child deaths amongst Pakistani couples was down to consanguineous marriages. 7 years ago it was reported that 700 children were born with genetic disabilities due to keeping it in the family. 12 years ago it was revealed that 55% of all Pakistani marriages in the UK was amongst first cousins.

Its not as if we don’t know about the risks of keeping it in the family- higher rates of infant mortality, birth defects, learningdifficulties, blindness, hearing problems and metabolic disorders- yet in the name of political correctness the British authorities keep on turning a blind eye to this backward practice.

Now before somebody plays the racist card, (I'm Asian by the way) have a look at the untimely death of 14 year old Nasar Ahmed, in the East of London who was born with asthma, severe eczema and a host of allergies to milk, fish, nuts, wheat, apples, oranges and some meats. Would you want any child to suffer like that?