Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Iraq, 30/05/17

(Mosul) Iraqi army warplanes and paramilitary forces killed 38 Islamic State militants during operations at areas west of Mosul and near the Syrian borders on Tuesday.

25 IS members at gatherings in Tel Fares, Baaj and Badush region west Mosul received a huge surprise when a PGM dropped in for a chat. 13 suicide bombers from IS at Mahalabiya, Tel Zalat and Adaya, west of Mosul were taken out by Popular Mobilization Units.

(Diyala) Seven people were killed and six others were wounded in two separate gun and bomb attacks in Diyala, DPA reported Tuesday.

Islamic State attacked a checkpoint in Qarra Tabba, north of Baqubah, killing four members of the Popular Mobilization Units and wounding two others.

In a separate incident, a bomb exploded near a mosque in Tawakkol village, Maqdadiah, northeast of Baqubah. The explosion killed three of the congregation on their way out of the mosque and wounded four others.

Ramadan death toll now stands at 445.