Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Turkey: US Ambassador called over arrest of Erdogan's brawling bodyguards

(Ankara) Last week, the Turkish dictator for life whilst on a visit to Washington DC set his bodyguards upon Kurds protesting his visit. Video evidence clearly shows the Turkish suit wearing bodyguards pushing through police lines, crossing the road and violently attacking the Kurds, resulting in 9 receiving injuries resulting in a hospital visit (2 serious). 2 Turks were arrested by the Washington, DC police, but after they brought out the 'diplomatic immunity card', they were released.
Well, that hasn't gone down with the Turks who summonsed John Bass, the US ambassador to Turkey, in which to lodge a verbal and written protest at the behaviour of US security personnel, saying they had taken actions that were “aggressive and unprofessional” and “contrary to diplomatic rules and practices”.

Why am I not surprised at how the clearly aggressive Turks are playing the victim card here? Now contrast that mindset with the modus operandi of Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Taliban or any Islamic NGO in the West. Notice anything?