Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Mozambique: 50+ Beheaded by Islamist's

(Cabo Delgado) Over the weekend Islamist's  beheaded 50 people on a football pitch in the village of Muatide, in the northern area of  Mozambique where for the past few years the Islamist's of Africa have decided to open up a new front

It appears the followers of the religion of peace descended on a community event and murdered as many people as they could in which to terrorise the area (which is why they are classed as terrorist, but to the cock sucking leftwing media these religious bigots can only be...militants.

Now here's where the story becomes very interesting these terrorists are no doubt getting their arms from somewhere and currently in Maputo there is a court case regards the interception of a boat in the area last December which at the time was presumed to be a drug smuggling operation where the 15 people on board sank the boat by setting fire to it, and rammed the Navy boat rather than let the authorities capture it. The fire not only sank the boat it also killed 3 of the men who all turned out to be...Iranians. Unfortunately for them one of them held onto his phone and when it was examined it was found to contain information regards the supply of weapons and explosives to the Islamist's currently murdering their way across Northen Mozambique