Thursday, December 31, 2020

Afghanistan: 10 man Chinese spy ring uncovered

(Kabul)  Last week Beijing was left with egg on its face when a 10 man Chinese spy ring was uncovered by Afghan intelligence inside Afghanistan. But it gets worst, the team wasn't just spying inside the country, they were caught after Afghan intelligence watching Pakistani spies in the country found the Chinese in communication with  the Haqqani Network, which just happens to be the sword arm of the Taliban. Arms, ammunition, explosives and drugs were found at the residences of the Chinese following their arrests.

It appears that China has been putting pressure on Kabul to allow them to save face, so stories have now started to appear stating that the Chinese in conjunction with the Pakistanis were trying to set up a fake terrorist outfit in which to entrap Chinese Islamic terrorists (Akin to the Bourne Identity storyline -book not film- where Jason Bourne is invented to entrap the Jackal)  which has been backed up by the Afghan government stating that if Beijing apologises their spyteam will all be set free. The funny thing is, it has now been revealed that China was funding terrorists in Afghanistan to attack American soldiers.