Thursday, October 29, 2020

France: Church beheading mark battle for European free speech

(NICE)  Europe has become the nbr 1 destination for the worlds Muslims who faced with over crowding, a lack of work, poverty and religious oppression play the asylum card in which to seek a better life,   You'd think that seeking shelter in the liberal west would be thankful of a safer, liberal environment. Alas no, the very people seeking shelter from oppressive ways go out of their way to recreate the very conditions they claim they sought asylum from. 

Yesterday in the city of Nice a Tunisian asylum seeker who only entered Europe last month entered the Notre-Dame Basilica and proceeded to attack several people at morning mass, murdering 3 (of which he beheaded one) and injured several more before getting stopped by 14 police rounds after he decided to bring a knife to a gunfight .

In the city of french city of Avignon, an Afghan was shot dead by the polcie when he started threatening people with a hand gun whilst uttering 'Allah ackba' in the City of Lyon a man was arrested with a knife after he told his father he was going to kill somebody. In Saudi Arabia a guard at the French embassy was stabbed.

All of these attacks have taken place just weeks after 14 men faced trial over the Charlie Hebdo massacre of 2015 which saw 17 people murdered.  This in turn was followed by the gruesome murder of a history teacher by a Chechen asylum seeker . The Islamic world instead of condemning the above murders, instead concentrated on blaming free speech in the west, with  the leaders of a number of Islamic countries demanding that the West do as Islam demands or else. Such as Malaysia's ex-PM Mahathir Mohamad who publicly declared that Muslims have the right to murder  millions of french people

I'd like to think that the West will take a stiff line with these religious rabble rousers, just as they would (and do) with far right trouble makers. But they won't, terrified of been seen as racist they will enact laws which will superimpose sharia law on the Kuffer in the West. Think I'm kidding the Scottish are already doing just that with their new Hate Bill.