Saturday, August 22, 2020

UK: Pakistani found with the bodies of 2 women in his freezer says "Hes a nice guy"

(London)  Last April police called to a flat in Canning town in search of a missing person broke open a padlocked freezer to find the bodies of 2 women inside. After a search (where the police refused to give out the name of the person they were looking for) 35 year old Zahid Younis was arrested.

It transpires that Mr Younis has decided to play the victim card and is claiming that the first victim (Henriett Szucs) simply died whilst sat on his couch . As for the body of the second victim (Mihrican Mustafa) well according to Zahid, a local criminal - and an older man with a walking stick - brought the body of Ms Mustafa round in a wheelie bin in May 2018, forcing him to hide a second body in his freezer  and if he didn't take in the body they would tell the police

Well a little digging finds that Zahid Younis  is a known paedophile who was jailed and placed on the sex offenders list after he married a 14 year old child in London in 2004, he found himself in court a few years later after he was found guilty of controlling and physically abusing a 17 year old girl , which saw him jailed for 4 years

Anyway in court at Southwark Crown Court regards the two dead bodies in his freezer , he denied being in a relationship with Ms Szucs. that she became "obsessed" with him after they had sex and that, out of goodness, he would feed her when she came round and that he is actually a decent guy, the case continues.