Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Iraq: US has a CRAM fitted on the Roof of its Iraqi Embassy and it works

(Baghdad)  Islamic terrorists the world over love to play the victimcard by launching attacks on those who have offended them. In Iraq, the usual suspects have taken to lobbing missiles in the direction of the US embassy, The US used to this has fitted a Counter rockets and missiles battery (C-RAM) on the roof and last night it came out to play 

The C-RAM is basically the Phalanx Gatling gun which was designed to shoot down anti-ship missiles at sea and it does that by firing 4500 20mm shells a minute,(That's 75 a second)  in which to use pure fire power to take out the target. After rocket and mortar attacks in Afghanistan became common place on Allied bases, some bright spark came up with the idea to defend the bases with such a weapon and in that roll it is very effective. (Thing is, in an urban area, what goes up must come down)