Saturday, October 31, 2020

France: Another attempted killing of a priest

(Lyon) After President Macron of France defended the murdered teacher Samuel Paty, the Islamic nations of the world instead of berating the murderer , instead took to defending him by blaming free speech as...'Islamophobic. with calls for secular France to take the knee to the Islamic world and apologise or face the consequences. As we have seen, this has emboldened  Islamic migrants to carry out murderous attacks on primarily Christians inside churches across France which saw 3 people murdered in Nice the other day.

Which was followed up today in the city of Lyon a Greek orthodox priest was shot with a sawn- off- shotgun and seriously injured. The priest survived but is seriously injured the gunman has been arrested. In response, President Macron has gone public in stating he understands how offended Muslims are. 
It appears the french haven't learnt the lesson of appeasement from 82 years.