Thursday, August 27, 2020

Sweden: Two teenage boys, beaten, raped and buried alive in cemetery by 21 year old Iranian and 18 year old Tunisian

(Solna) On Saturday evening on the outskirts of Stockholm 2 teenage boys were approached and asked by 2 men if they wanted to buy drugs, when they refused, they were taken by force to a nearby graveyard, tortured, stripped naked , raped and then buried alive/ The alarm was raised by somebody who was passing by that morning and reported them to the police at 0830 hours , 10 hours after the boys had been kidnapped. Police found the 2 children in a grave, naked and injured. within minutes the 18 year old Tunisian  paedophile was arrested followed by his 21 year old Iranian mate , both funny enough with police records.

Sweden has laws which prohibit reporting the nationality of criminals (apparently its racist) but they don't have any laws showing the mugshots of the arrested bastards

Nor can they stop the media in Finland nextdoor reporting the story: