Thursday, August 27, 2020

UK: Months of BLM protests sees the police take 7 days to report a violent kidnapping of 3 children

(London)  Months of violent protests after any non white person has been arrested by the Police, has seen law enforcement agencies take a more tentative step when it comes to talking to. never mind arresting a non-white person. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in London where the Met police will issue an grovelling apology if they happen to stop a car containing a non white person (even one driving the wrong way down the road and failing to stop) and today it has been revealed that it has taken the same Police force 7 days to go public after 3 children were kidnapped by their knife wielding afghan father from a foster home. in South London last Thursday (20/08/20) 

The three boys Bilal, 6, Ebrar, 5, and Yaseen, 3 who had been taken into care were with a foster parent when she heard steps behind her at home and was then assaulted by the boys knife wielding father who after showing a woman good old Islamic justice by the use of his fists and feet took the boys and left. 

This was 7 days ago and only today have the met police decided to make this story public, what a disgrace so scared of been classed as racists, they have allowed this man have 7 days to do as he pleases. That people is what Black Lies matter and the rest of the woke shite is doing to the country. Excusing intolerant behaviour, we saw it with the Pakistani rape gangs, we are seeing it with the huge rise in black led knife crime and now kidnapping children in broad day light.: