Wednesday, November 11, 2020

UK: Asylum seekers to the Uk complain about not getting a free house

(Wales) So this year migrants in France who don't want to live in France (don't know why, as i keep getting told that the EU is a far better place to live in than the UK) have been sailing across the channel to find a new life, so far this year over 8000 have decided to try and with so few getting deported, they know they have hit the jackpot. In fact the Government immigration watchdog issued a report on this only yesterday and it didn't make for good reading.

With so many needing accommodation during the current C19 lockdown the Government had requisitioned a couple of army camps in which to host these people until they can be processed. One such location is at Penally Training camp Tenby. Wales

Where it seems that people who have escaped their so called war torn countries, travelled across the world by foot, lived rough in France and then risked life and limb to cross the English Channel are offended by the temporary accommodation they have been offered, naturally they are supported in their anger and protest by the woke generation who for some very strange reason never bothered to protest when I not only lived in similar accommodation during my time in uniform, but had to pay for it as well. On that note here is the Woke BBCs attempt to shout human rights abuse:

In September, just as they did in Greece, they tried to burn down the camp   Problem there is Wales is green for a really good reason.