Thursday, October 29, 2020

UK: Former leader of British Socialist party suspended for anti-antisemitism

(London)  Its a known fact that antisemitism is on the rise across Europe. whilst the UK hasn't seen a big a rise as witnessed across Europe, it still exists and one of the biggest standard bearers for antisemitism has been the Socialist Labour party which after it saw Jeremy Corbyn  elected as leader in Sept 2015 saw the ugly spectre of racial hatred towards the jew creep out from amongst the shadows of the British way of life and take to the stage, A lot of this hate arose due to the fact that Corbyn was a bed fellow with the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah (whom he called his friends) his paid trips to Iran and of course owning a mindset which allowed him to claim that it was a tragedy when Osma Bin Laden was killed by US special forces.

With such a leader at the helm , Anti-antisemitism thrived, so much so, that Jewish labour members had to employ guards to escort them to Labour party meetings. Because of this Corbyn brought in Shami Chakrabarti a former leader of Liberty the human rights group to vet the labour party and after she found no sign of religious hatred inside the party she was given a peerage into the lords. But the hate towards Jews continued and the suspension of Labour party members became a weekly event.  well after the 2019 elections and the trouncing of the labour party , it was out with the old and in with new at the Labour party and one of the first things the new leader was purge his party of bigots. However in 2017 the Equality and Human Rights Commission was brought in to look at antisemitism  within the labour party and yesterday they published their findings and found the labour party under Corbyn became a petri dish for religious hatred. Naturally the party faithful aren't happy with the Islamic members (The largest group of religious bigots)  playing the Islamophobia card in which to try and divert attention away from themselves. But the biggest shock was how Jeremy corbyn the former leader of the labour party was suspended for ...Anti-antisemitism. Naturally as he is a hate filled terrorist apologist he is playing the victmcard