Thursday, December 31, 2020

Bosnia: Migrants not happy on having to live in burnt out camp they destoryed.

(Lipa)  So on Christmas Eve migrants held in the lipa refugee camp on the Bosnian border with Croatia (Also the border with the EU) decided to set fire to the entire camp in which to make themselves homeless in the hope that the EU would speed up their registration process like they did with the inhabitants of Moria refugee camp where thousands saw their applications to a new life in the richer northern EU states (Germany/Denmark/Sweden/Finland) speed tracked.


However for the fire loving migrants at Lipa Refugee camp, Bosnia isn't in the EU 

And instead of been transported to a new life in the affluent EU or even a new camp, they found themselves having to live in the ashes of the very camp they burnt down due to the fact that no town in Bosnia will accept them. Naturally the UN isn't impressed