Sunday, September 11, 2016

UK: Millionaire socialist MP plays sexist card over inability to name the French Foreign Minister

(London) This morning on Sky TV, Labour's shadow Foreign Minister - the right dishonourable and social hand grenade Emily Thornbelly - was invited onto a political TV show for an interview and when unable to answer who the Foreign Minister of France was played the 'sexist' card in which to ink the presenter of the show just like the cephalopod she resembles in which to allow her to dodge the question posed and scuttle off to the nearest dark hole in which to find safety. Here, watch the TV clip to see what I mean:

I had to laugh when her attempt to dodge the question posed, by being asked a serious question such as Korea, saw her fall flat on her fat face when she couldn't answer who the Korean PM was (clue, yer fat bat, it's a woman).