Monday, September 12, 2016

UK: Liberals demand that the entire families of all asylum seekers in the UK be allowed to resettle here

(London) You just got to love the brass neck of the liberal elites. You know, those who continue to call anybody who doesn't subscribe to their way of thinking as a racist or a bigot even when the facts are shoved right in their face, such as this rape victim who lied to the police because she didn't want to encourage racism if she reported that Arabs had raped her.

Well, in the UK, tired of referring to the entire country as being little Englanders, racists and of being below intelligence for voting out of the EUSSR (still waiting for the sky to fall in yer, wankers?), have now regrouped and decided that the UK isn't doing its bits for refugees, today they wrote a group letter in which to demand that the UK take in the entire families of any asylum seeker who is here and who misses his mum's cooking (seing as the vast majority of asylum seekers are young males, I'm not far off the mark, am I?).

So we have more than 200 religious leaders who have urged the UK to relax immigration rules so refugees from Syria and other areas can be reunited with their families. In a letter to the Prime Minister they say close relatives of Britons and refugees already in the country are living abroad in "desperate conditions" and should be given a legal route in.

Speaking to the bBC, Baroness Neuberger said the group decided to write the letter due to what she called "anti-immigrant" debate during the referendum campaign "confusing refugees with economic migrants and migration in general". While Baroness Neuberger would not confirm how many refugees the signatories think the country should accept, she said they were "talking about the difference between a few thousand and either a few hundred thousand or at least many tens of thousands". She also emphasised that the group was not worried about whether there would be any issues with integration and said: "In previous years we have taken more, and we haven't had a huge problem with integration."

Hang on. Across Europe we have seen integration problems, be it rape, assaults, terrorism. Only last week 2 ISIS teams were arrested in the UK, the same in France. Why, only yesterday, the French PM reported that French security services are watching over 15,000 radical jihadists. And this idiot tries to tell me there isn't a problem with integration.

I'm from an Islamic family, I was taken into care because I wouldn't go to the mosque on an evening but would rather play with my English - non-Muslim - school friends. Since I left the gay death cult at the age of 10, I have had very little contact with them. Oh, they have made it quite clear they see me as a traitor and a few have tried to make me see the error of their ways. Unfortunately for them, a child who gets beaten up by adults learns to fight, which kind of explains why I have boxed, why I learnt Atemi-Ju-Jitsu, Karate (Shotoka, Shotokai and Wadō-ryū), I've even learnt Taekwondo. Having had enough of Hard Martial arts, I am now going back to soft ones. Much harder to learn, and I moved away. These people, my so called community, ostracised my sister and I for giving them a bad name by getting taken into care. To this day, a large number of immigrants make no effort to integrate (and you all know who I mean). I have nothing against anybody, if you are here, you are here, yet the very people who complain about intolerance, are usually the most intolerant people going.

Anyway, Germany is currently shocked over how so many so called asylum seekers, once they get German residency, bugger off back to the countries they claim oppressed them for holidays. The thing is, this is nothing new, the Swiss have started removing asylum status from people who do this.

In 2004, a Pakistani asylum seeker who fought for 6 years to remain in the UK as his life was at risk, 3 months after being given the right to remain in the UK buggered off to Pakistan for an 18-day holiday. He excused himself by saying he took precautions. And the best part, he was a Liberal Democrat Councillor.

These do-gooders are simply blind to the problems that over 1 million so called refugees have been brought to Europe. Instead of listening to the people whom they should represent, they simply play the racist card and demand we allow hoards of intolerant people to come and live it large.

And then they wonder why people are turning to the right across Europe.