Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Syria: Sappers clearing a path with mine sweepers???

(Syria) So I came across this news clip of a C-IED team inside Syria clearing a path, and I couldn't but help think, "What the hell?!"

Err, if you are going to clear a path using a mine detector then it helps if you swing the damn thing from side to side whilst keeping the sweep head parallel with the ground. You simply just don't walk in a straight line with the damn thing in front of you. Also, it helps if you turn it on - they utter a tone. The MINEX 4.600 mine detector has a built-in loudspeaker which is only silenced when you plug in the headphones as depicted below by the jihad twins who seem to be a little confused on who actually wears the headphones.

Here, watch how you do it for real: