Thursday, September 22, 2016

Glasgow shopkeeper murderer calls for beheadings in prison YouTube videos

(UK) On the 24th of March this year, Tanveer Ahmed drove over 200 miles from Bradford in England to Glasgow in Scotland in which to murder Asad Shah for the sin of being a Ahmadi Muslim. You see, to Sunni Muslims such as Ahmed, Ahmadi Muslims are deemed as heretics, and as such must be wiped out, which Ahmed did by stabbing Mr Shah to death on the streets of Glasgow.

Asad Shah
The sad tale in all of this is that Mr Shah and his family were granted asylum in Scotland in the 1990s after fleeing persecution in Pakistan, where Ahmadis have been declared non-Muslims by the government and are the victims of systematic discrimination and violent attacks. However the ugliness of Pakistani Sunni Musims followed them across the world and the man who murdered Tanveer Ahmed is himself a Pakistani Muslim.

Tanveer Ahmed 
Well last month in court Ahmed was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum term of 27 years. That to him was unjust and he has put in an appeal in which to try and shorten his stay in the prison showers. (Well, he does subscribe to a gay death cult). As he claimed it was excessive.

Well guess what, it transpires that the Muslim who likes to stick things inside other males , has been recording hateful messages from inside his prison cell and having them posted onto social media accounts.

A screenshot from Tanveer Ahmed's call for supporters to kill Ahmadi Muslims, which was uploaded to YouTube on 7 September (YouTube)
In these messages he has the following messages to his fanbase where he celebrates sending Mr Shah “to hell with the help of Allah, the prophet, angels and saints”.
“I have the honour of sending him to the hell forever,”
Ahmed goes on to call Ahmadi Muslims “frauds” for their beliefs, which hold the sect’s founder as a prophet following Mohamed, and accused them of “contaminating the faithful”.
“Whoever and wherever is listening my voice must make a resolve to protect the finality of prophethood,” he says. “We will save the Lord’s followers from going down to the hell – will protect their faith.”
The message then calls on listeners to repeat a chant vowing to “offer their lives and souls”, ending: “There’s only one punishment for insulters: cut off their heads, cut off their heads, cut off their heads.”
All this from a nasty piece of work who having had his first appeal thrown not, has succeeded with another by him playing the victim card. Some f-ing victim. I take it this pious Islamic bigot will be on his knees in the prison showers tomorrow morning swallowing what his mullah upzips in which to proclaim himself as protecting the cause. Wanker.