Sunday, September 18, 2016

Turkey: Man who kicked woman in face for wearing shorts is let free by police saying he had done nothing wrong

(Istanbul) Last week, on the first day of the Islamic Eid al-Adha holiday, a 35-year-old Abdullah Çakıroğlu, travelling on a bus in the Maslak neighbourhood of Istanbul, felt his honour had been offended when he saw 23-year-old Ayşegül Terzi standing opposite him wearing shorts.

So he started verbally abusing her. With such memorable lines as:
“Those who wear shorts must die!”
When she took no notice of him throwing abuse (something about wearing headphones), he started kicking her in the face whilst screaming:
“You are a devil!”
It took 3 men to stop him from killing her, but they couldn't prevent him from running away. Anyway, the police tracked him down,

but in court this weekend he was allowed to walk free without a stain on his record due to the fact that Miss Terzi didn't mention that her shorts were the reason why she was attacked.

What makes this story even more worrying is the thug admitted he attacked her. He said:
'The shorts she was wearing were not appropriate. That's why I was angry and behaved so.'
All over the world women are treated like dirt by Islam. In the East this is deemed acceptable, yet this evil misogynist mindset is also creeping in non-Islamic democracies and anybody who complains is deemed a racist. How the hell have we come to such a state of affairs?