Wednesday, September 28, 2016

UK: Syrian taxis driver buggers off to Syria after been found guilty of rape

(Chester) The UK is currently being held hostage by the liberal elites who demand that we should take in hundreds of thousands of Syrians as life for them is bleak not only inside Syria but in Europe also. Yes, that Europe which the same liberals are fighting left, right and centre in which to stall the UK's break with, citing that Europe is civilized whilst we are not.

Sultan Amari, Syrian rapist
Well, you'd think that Europe, never mind Syria, would be the last place where a Syrian immigrant would be willing to go to from the nasty, racist UK. But for 46-year-old Sultan Amari that was a no brainer. You see, Sultan worked as a taxis driver, and when he picked up a drunk young lady, he knew exactly what he had to do. So he drugged her, took her home and raped her. When the crime was reported, he claimed that sex was consensual, and as he was a person of good character, the courts let him keep his passport. Which is why this weekend he boarded a plane for Turkey where he intends to slip back into Syria. You know, that really dangerous country people like Sultan seek asylum from in the West.

Back into the UK, questions are being asked how this rapist was allowed to keep his passport. Of course these wankers will come out with "lessons will be learnt". The thing is, they never do, until the next rape case comes up, again, again and again. Maybe it's time we made civil servants accountable for their so called views.