Sunday, September 25, 2016

‘Germany has done enough’ Merkel demands rest of Europe step up and take more Muslim migrants

Why? It's your mess.
(Express) The German Chancellor said other European Union (EU) members need to accept refugees at a faster rate to reduce the backlog of people stuck in countries in the southeast of the bloc.

Speaking in Vienna at a meeting with nine other heads of government, she said: “In view of the many refugees who are already with us, other EU countries will have to jump in.”

Mrs Merkel, who operated an open-door policy last year which led to 1.1million refugees entering Germany, said it is “encouraging” other EU states have started accepting refugees.

But, she warned the EU’s “mechanism is too slow” to be able to distribute people who have filed asylum applications.

In the second quarter of this year, the bloc accepted 305,700 asylum applications, edging the total to about 1.5m over the past year.

Germany took in more than 60 percent of those in the three months ending in June.