Thursday, September 15, 2016

Germany: Locals riot against mass migration

(Bautzen) Tension in Eastern Germany has been growing at the open door migration policy operated by the German government, and to be honest, a large majority of Eastern Germans (the former GDR) have a very polarised outlook on non-white people, which the political elites in Berlin appear to have overlooked. Then again, the behaviour of certain segments of the newcomers hasn't helped smooth the rocky water of integration.

On Tuesday evening, a 32-year-old German man was attacked by a gang of migrants in the town of Bautzen, which resulted in him being bottled (hit with a bottle). In return, around 80 locals descended on the main square Wednesday evening in which to express their displeasure at how gangs of young male migrants have tried to take over the streets of the town.

German locals in Bautzen
In reply, around 20 young migrant males turned up in which to also express their displeasure and the view that they wouldn’t be intimidated by these people, and after the migrants taunted the Germans (as reported by the police), bottles and fists began to fly between the rival groups.

Under 18 years of age migrant children in Bautzen
The police stepped in-between both groups and after reading the riot act told both sides to go home. In return, they were attacked by the migrants with bottles and sticks. The German police simply teargassed them and used truncheons in which to send the message "we don’t mess", whereupon the young migrant group retreated across a bridge in the direction of their hostel.

German police: You might be a victim, but we won't mess when you attack us.
This then lead to a charge by the Germans, and all chaos let loose, with the 20 teargassed migrants vastly outnumbered by the locals. In the end, police regained law and order and spent the night patrolling outside the hostel in which to protect the migrants from rough German justice.

The political elites have already begun to blame the locals, with the local mayor Alexander Ahrens saying he would not tolerate the violence.
"It cannot be that Bautzen turns into a playground for right-wingers spoiling for a fight".
Err, it takes two to tango, and the Germans (I lived in Germany for over 10 years) are very slow to anger and seldom riot on the streets. However, taking note of the anti-social behaviour of these young victims, the youngsters have been hit with an alcohol ban and a curfew from 7pm.

Meanwhile, as seen across Europe, right-wing groups are becoming more popular to the masses, and instead of looking in why they are becoming popular, the liberal elites continue to cry ’racist’. You’d think they would know better in Germany.