Tuesday, September 13, 2016

UK: European Human Rights Court awards accomplice to failed suicide bombers £13,600 in damages

(London) On July 7th, 2005, suicide bombers struck London, murdering 52 innocent people. Exactly 14 days later, 6 other Islamic terrorists tried to replicate what their religious bedfellows did a fortnight before. Thankfully, the home-made mixture failed to ignite, London could gasp a sigh of relief, except for one poor man who was shot dead by the police who presumed he was one of the bombers. The country went into a lock-down looking for these evil people who were prepared to murder hundreds. All were caught, but it took time. One of these wankers, Hussain Osman, managed to get as far as Italy, police work found he had been given refuge by his upstairs neighbour Ismail Abdurahman. Well, that Islamic loyalty to terrorism saw Ismail in 2008 get 10 years in jail. This was reduced to 8, and in 2010 he was released. The government wanted to deport this intolerant bastard whom they deemed to be a Level 3 convict and a huge security risk but he took the UK to court, saying his life would be at risk if he was returned to Somalia, and he won.

Ismail Abdurahman 
Then he and 3 of the failed suicide bombers took the UK to the European Human Rights Court regards how their rights were breached during their arrests after failing to kill hundreds of people on the London underground. The 3 suicide bummers (well, they do belong to a gay death cult) saw their bids thrown out of the window. But for Ismail, he hit the jackpot and the court awarded him £13,600 pounds because, and get this:
“The court was not convinced that the [UK] government had demonstrated compelling reasons for restricting his access to legal advice and failing to inform him of his right to remain silent."
In other words, when he was arrested, nobody read him his rights. And people wonder why London is called Londonistan.