Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pakistan: Drunk Muslims beat up Christians

(Faisalabad) 5 Christian were hospitalised, with another 7 injured, when they were attacked in their homes by a gang of drunk Muslims.

It all started when a group of drunk Muslims (yes, intoxicated), who just happened to find themselves in the Christian part of town, making lewd remarks at young girls (as only Pakistani Muslims can do) and generally being idiots were told off by a woman over their behaviour. As she was a Christian and they were Muslims, their honour had been offended, and like all good Islamic Pakistani males, went scuttling off in which to find reinforcements in which to tackle this solitary woman.

A few hours later, they returned with a group numbering about 40, entered the homes of the Christians and started beating anybody they found (men, women and children) indiscriminately.

They shouted obscenities at the Christians and insulted Jesus Christ. (“Despite Jesus being referred to as a prophet in their Qur'an, can you imagine the outrage if a Christian did likewise about the Islamic prophet?)

Just another example of the intolerance expressed by Islam towards others, and yet this site keeps on receiving numerous emails regards how racist we are for reporting such actions.

It isn't racist to report the news.