Friday, September 23, 2016

UK: British anti-terrorist police infiltrated by extremist Muslims

(London) Well, what do you know, those very people who love to scream out 'Jewish Lobby' or 'Islamophobia' in which to excuse their hatred for anybody who doesn't subscribe to their ways, have actually infiltrated the British Polcie. Not only that, but they can be found in the British Counter Terrorist Department.

Javaria Saeed, a practicing Muslim who used to work for Scotland Yard’s counterterrorism division, complained to her bosses after she witnessed a fellow Muslim officer saying female genital mutilation (FGM) — illegal in the UK since 1985 — was a “clean and honourable practice” and “shouldn’t be criminalised”.

Javaria Saeed
The same officer, a Muslim constable in the SO15 counterterrorism unit, also said female Muslim victims of domestic violence should not appeal to the police for justice but put their faith in Islamic Sharia law courts.

Mrs Saeed was also berated for not covering her hair like a so called true Islamic women should. When her complaints fell on deaf ears, which she attributes to the Police not wishing to act due to political correctness, she found she had to leave as she could no longer work in such an environment.

Makes you wonder the real reason over why so many British police forces want to introduce the burka for female police officers.