Tuesday, September 27, 2016

UK: Pakistani actor sacked and now under investigation for racist tweets

(Manchester) Marc Anwar, the Pakistani born Coronation Street actor, has been sacked from the soap for what were described as "racially offensive" comments about Indian people. Yup, it appears that like only a Pakistani can, Mr Anwar became very upset over the situation in Kashmir and decided to vent at Indian people over what he claims are the unjust deaths there. The irony here is, more non-Muslims have been killed in Kashmir than Muslims, and yet to Mr Anwar, Indians are at fault for being the real victims. Which is why he decided to state his case on Twitter:

The blanks contain the following words.
"bastards", "piss drinking cunts", and "Fuck."
When his tweets became public knowledge he was sacked on the spot and now the police are investigating him for racist hate speech. In response, Mr Innocent has stated:
'On Friday evening I saw on the news children being pulled out of rubble, people being pelted with pellets, women mourning their dead in Kashmir. This upset me very deeply and in a moment of madness I ranted out and vented my anger.
What he forgot to mention is the pictures of people being pulled out of rubble was the aftermath of a Pakistani sponsored terrorist attack on an Indian army base where 17 Indian soldiers were murdered and another 30 injured. Don't even get me started on the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri pandits by Islamic terrorism.

Anyway, he has returned first to YouTtube:

and then to Twitter in which to excuse his actions:
The latter bombastic tweet appears to contradict his face saving contrition video clip where he says sorry.