Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jewish Taliban kicked out of Guatemalan town

(Guatemala) Lev Taho, an extreme ultra Orthodox group, which in search of the promised land, usually by running away from the law in the last one, is on the move again. Set up during the 80s by Israeli citizen Shlomo Helbrans aka Erez Shlomo Elbarnes, he moved his fledgling purity group (known in Israel as the Jewish Taliban) from Israel to the US, which he claims was due to his anti-Zionist views (what is it with Jews and self loathing?).

He was jailed in 1994 (kidnapping a minor), and on his release in 2000 he was deported to Israel. However, he moved West again in 2003, but this time he relocated to Canada and claimed asylum on the grounds of religious persecution in Israel. Well, that lasted until 2011 when the Canadian authorities started asking question about why the Lev Taho community home schooling regime wasn't complying with Canadian standards. This came to a head in March of this year when, seeking refuge from allegations of child abuse, the Group moved to Guatemala.

Well, a few months down the line and the locals have said enough is enough and virtually forced the group out from their new home in the village of San Juan La Laguna due to their inability to mix with the locals and their so called arrogant attitude. The group is currently living in Guatemala City.