Friday, August 29, 2014

ISIS stages another beheading for the Kurds and liberal left

(Iraq) Those blood thirsty thugs who, while belonging to a religion of peace (Well, so the left keeps telling me) are currently rampaging through Iraq and Syria, decided to express their anger at all the ground they have lost to the Kurds (In conjunction with the US Airforce) by trying to send a message of terror (Which doesn't explain why the media keeps on referring to these thugs as... militants) by staging a show in front of the main mosque in Mosel with a captured Kurdish "Peshmerga" where the climax for these loons was the beheading of that innocent man.

Of course the message these IS-lamic thugs want to send to the Kurds is, this is what will happen if you continue to oppose us by siding with the US. Which, I have to admit, is having the opposite effect on the Kurds, as currently it is ISIS which is on the back foot with them losing the Ain Zala and Batma oil fields in northern Iraq and are currently under assault in the city of Zummar. Which kind of explains why ISIS has set fire to a couple of oil wells in which to emulate the cephalopod (spineless) tactic of inking their enemy in which to scuttle away to safety.