Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gaza: Young girl with a Kalashnikov joins in jihadists' celebration of 'victory' over Israel

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has accused Hamas of causing thousands of unnecessary deaths by fighting in Gaza for longer than was needed.

President Abbas said all casualties could have been avoided and blamed Hamas for needlessly extending the war with Israel.

His words came as hundreds of Palestinian Islamic militants took part in a rally celebrating the 'victory' over Israel, in Gaza City today.

Young children were seen brandishing weapons as fighters of Al-Quds brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamist organisation Palestinian Islamic Jihad, marched in the streets.

Israel and Hamas militants fought for 50 days before reaching a truce on Tuesday, with both sides declaring a victory.

Abbas told Palestine TV in remarks broadcast Friday that 'it was possible for us to avoid all of that, 2,000 martyrs, 10,000 injured, 50,000 houses (damaged or destroyed).'

More than 2,100 Palestinians were killed, including hundreds of civilians. Seventy one people on the Israeli side, including six civilians, were killed.

Several Egyptian mediated cease-fire attempts failed. Hamas eventually accepted almost the same truce offered at the beginning.