Thursday, August 28, 2014

Obama Pressured Israel to Stop Demanding Demilitarization of Hamas

He couldn't save the Muslim Brotherhood, so Hamas is the next best thing.
(FPM) The ceasefire agreement didn’t give Hamas everything it wanted, but it gave Israel nothing at all.

Israel’s insistence on demilitarizing Gaza fell by the wayside.

Why? Here’s one answer.
Nabil Shaath, a senior PLO official and confidante of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, said that Israel dropped the demand that Hamas be demilitarized, due to American pressure, in an interview with the Arabic Ma’an News Agency.
As usual the war was won on the battlefield and lost at the negotiating table. Which means it will have to be repeated in a year or two with a stronger Hamas.

Without demilitarizing Gaza, the entire war made no sense. Obama’s pressure on Israel and Netanyahu’s surrender made the purpose of the conflict into a temporary lull with lower level fighting.