Thursday, August 28, 2014

Regarding that Israeli drone Iran shot down

(Tehran) The other day, Iran made the claim that it had shot down an Israeli UAV flying towards its underground nuclear processing plant in Natanz. They then made public a video of the crash site and the wreckage showed what looked like the remains of a Hermes 450 UAV.

But then people started asking questions after Iran refused the media access to the wreckage. You see, the 450 doesn't have the range to fly into Iran from Israel, seeing that it can only fly 300 kilometres, (Its over 1600 Km to Iran). In response, Iran claimed that the UAV took off from a Gulf country in cahoots with the Jew.

People then asked why would any Arab nation do so while Israel was bombing the crap out of Gaza.

So in order to clarify that, the Iranians are now saying, that the UAV now took off from... Azerbaijan. Which is totally in the opposite direction of their original claim. Naturally, Azerbaijan has rejected this Iranian claim, and no doubt in the future, Tehran will come up with a new location from which this short range UAV took off from.