Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Infighting between Seleka rebels in CAR kills 17

(Bangui) In the African country of the Central African Republic (CAR), a backlash by the 90% Christian population against the minority Islamic population was started when Islamic Seleka rebels took control of the country by the use of the bullet, the bomb and the machete rather than the ballot box.

Installing their leader Michel Djotodia in March 2013 as the President of the country, whereupon they rampaged across the country raping and killing anybody who stood in their way. By September 2013 Michel Djotodia disbanded them, however, now ostracised, these Islamic thugs didn't want to leave without a fight, and they simply increased their blood lust.

This is where the Christians said enough is enough and fought back, unfortunately for the tiny Islamic population of the country. The world, which didn't do anything when Christians were being murdered, did so when it were Muslims, which is why currently there are 8,000 peacekeeping troops in the country.

The Seleka, made impotent by their lack of support from the government and by no Islamic population to hide behind, have been pushed to the north of the country where they are demanding an Islamic country is ceded to them. Well, in a further blow to Allah's African soldiers, they have now started fighting amongst themselves, which on Monday saw 17 of them go to that great mosque in the ground.

What is it about Muslims which results them being unable to live in peace with anyone, including themselves?