Wednesday, August 27, 2014

USCGC Monomoy fires warning shot across bows of Iranian ship

(Arabian Gulf) In November 2002, following a US Navy request for patrol boats in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA) was set up in Manama, Bahrain. Since then, the US Coast Guard has deployed ships from the US to the ME in which to carry out maritime interception operations, maritime security operations, river patrols, off-shore oil infrastructure security, and training engagements with regional partners, you know, the tasks the Coast Guard does. Standard tour length is one year.

Which is why USCGC Monomoy (a 168 tonne cutter) found herself sending a RHIB (rubber skinned boat) out to check an armed Iranian fishing vessel at 1130hrs local time yesterday (26/08/14) in the volatile Arabian Gulf. It seems that the Iranians wanted to send a message of their displeasure to the Americans and so aimed their 50 calibre machine gun at the RHIB as it sailed towards them. Thankfully, the US ship wasn't crewed by the likes of the British Royal Navy, who a few years ago quickly surrendered to the Iranians (as per the rules of the then Socialist government), and they fired a warning shot across the bows of the Iranian dhow in which to send the message:
"Dance with the devil all you want. If you continue to point your 50 Cal at our men, we are more than happy to accommodate your request."
For some strange reason, the followers of a faith which sees a far better life in the afterlife didn't take up that request and stood down.