Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Decisive #BDS victory: 900 Palestinians lose their jobs

Excerpted from BDS Victory Over SodaStream Equals 900 Palestinians Out of Work
Unfortunately for [...] 900 Palestinian SodaStream employees, it seems the BDS supporters are more concerned with boycotting Israeli businesses who 'occupy' Palestinian settlements than helping the actual Palestinian people themselves.

Now, it seems the supporters finally have their wish: SodaStream has announced, in a reported "non-political" move, that they are moving the factory from the West Bank to a land that indisputably belongs to Israel (unless you're a member of Hamas or ISIS), near the town of Lahavim in the Negev.

This means that the Israeli company will no longer be "occupying" in the West Bank. Good job, BDS supporters.

Oh, it also means that 900 Palestinians - the people you claim you're trying to protect here - are now out of a job.

The company will make the move sometime in 2015. While it will still practice its equal opportunity hiring practices, it seems more likely that the region's Bedouin and African communities will be reeking the benefits of employment as opposed to the Palestinians.

Great job BDS supporters. Way to help out those Palestinians you know and understand so much.