Thursday, August 28, 2014

Female teacher murdered by Islamic terrorists in Thailand

(BANGKOK) Due to the ongoing insurgency by Thai Islamic separatists who have decided to use the bullet and the bomb in which to cede the south away from the rest of the country and form their own little kingdom. What does this say about the left and their notion of multiculturalism which we are all forced to adopt, when all around the world Muslims want no truck with that and instead simply want their own little sharia run kingdom. Think I'm kidding? Pakistan used to belong to India, Bangladesh used to belong to India, Kosovo used to belong to Serbia, Bosnia used to belong to Yugoslavia. All were born due to violence, and there's the rest of the world which have violent Islamic separatist issues: China, Malaysia, Philippines, Nigeria, Macedonia.

Which is why teachers are escorted to and from work by troops. (You don't hear that from the main stream media, do you?) Well, that safety blanket didn't work for one poor female teacher today as these religious bigots detonated a bomb as she and other teachers were being driven by, resulting in the death of a 28-year-old teacher and injuring 2 others.

Teachers are the frequent targets of insurgents in the south - whose population is majority ethnic Malay Muslim - as they are considered symbols of the Thai central State against whom insurgents are fighting.

In one particular incident this March, a female teacher was shot in Narathiwat while travelling to school on her motorbike. Her attackers then poured gasoline over her body and set it on fire.

What is it about Islam and its inability to live in with peace with anyone?