Friday, August 29, 2014

Anti-Semite British MP George Galloway attacked in London

(England) Press TV presenter, anti-Semite, Islamic party MP and man who likes to meow like a cat on TV, George Galloway is no stranger to being in the news. Well, today he's made the headlines for a totally different reason, one, I suppose and suspect, he doesn't want to be the star of.

It transpires that GG (well, he is a horse's arse) is currently touring the UK promoting his latest book-Colour by numbers???- and today he was in Notting Hill, London, posing for pictures when somebody started shouting at him and then kicked the f-ing shit out of the terrorist apologising bastard. Thankfully for GG, and unlucky for the British people, police were quickly at hand. Why is it that police in the UK are so quick to the scene to defend terrorist suspects, political agitators and other thugs but so slow to defend the real victims of crime (like 1,400 white girls in Rotherham) and saved GG from getting a real beating?

GG after the attack
Hey, I'm not saying what the man did was right to do and I don't condone any act of violence. But GG is such an odious creep, I'm just surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Apparently, his assailant started shouting about the Holocaust before putting GG in the hospital with a suspected broken jaw.