Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Egypt openly warns of intervening in Libya

(Cairo) With the lack of any leadership, direction and guidance from the US under the present golfer-in-chief and the world falling to pieces and bursting into flames everywhere, Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri warned Monday that a spillover of lawlessness from Libya could prompt foreign intervention at the opening session of the meeting with the foreign ministers of Libya's neighbouring countries.
"We have felt the effects of the escalating Libyan situation on the security of neighbouring countries through the presence of extremist and terrorist elements which extended to other countries through arms dealing and trafficking.

This affects the sovereignty of neighbouring countries and threatens their stability. This could affect the interests of other countries outside the region and could lead to forms of intervention in Libyan affairs, which should be avoided."
Well, seeing as the Egyptians have already carried out airstrikes in Libya, it would appear that they have already crossed that Rubicon. However, the United States and European allies cautioned in a joint statement on Monday that outside interference in Libya would worsen divisions in the country and slow progress in its political transition. Remind me again just who got us into the mess in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan?