Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fear of offending Muslims due to PC allows Islamic intolerance to thrive in the UK

(London) You'd think the British Government with its high and mighty stance regarding 'Islamic terrorists' would pull its finger out and sort out its act at home. But you know what, it won't.

Take for example today's revelation that the Government is looking at temporarily (yes, temporarily) banning those who go off to fight for Islamic terrorist groups around the world from returning, add the fact they won't remove British citizenship, you can see why the UK is a joke.

Then there's the fact that the leader of a Libyan terrorist group currently fighting the Libyan government is not only living in the UK, but he is directing the fight from here.

We've had the Trojan horse affair with our schools where radical Islamists took over schools and installed a Sharia based teaching regime (don't talk to kaffirs, women are second rate citizens, etc.) which we find out later in the day that the councils knew about.

In the UK, anybody walking around with an Israeli flag will be attacked as... bigot. But anybody walking around with the black flag of jihad is seen as... supporting Gaza.

With FGM being banned since 1985, not one person has been convicted of facilitating the evil act. Yet a report 2 months ago stated that there are 170,000 victims in the UK.

Let's not forget how in 1 town alone 1,400 girls were raped by Islamic paedophiles, fully sanctioned by the authorities because they didn't want to be seen as racist.

The British Government, this and the last one, have let down the British public, in the name of equality, they have allowed Islamic bigotry to thrive in the UK. For years they have silenced people who asked questions about the more intolerant parts of Islam, and then they wonder why people have gravitated towards the far right.