Thursday, August 28, 2014

ISIS murders 250 captured Syrian troops in cold blood

(Damascus) After securing the Syrian army airbase at Tabqa airfield, it appears that the ISIS thugs didn't like how it cost them 346 terrorists to take the back. Not content with the 170 men they killed in taking the base and fuming at how 700 other Syrian troops managed to slip by them, they rounded up the remaining 250 men, marched them out into the desert and murdered them. They then posted their evil deed on YouTube.

According to the media, these men are militants, not terrorists, as terrorist is a loaded term. To the Islamic world, these people are not Muslims, simply so they don't have to answer any uncomfortable questions about Islam. Funny enough, these are the very same people who have no problem associating Jews in the West with Israel. Oh look, there's that f-ing 'H' word again.

And to the left, well, "these people are evil" (not as evil as the Jew, mind you) "but it's not our problem and so we should keep out", usually ending with "this has nothing to do with Islam" and that "Islam is a peaceful religion".

I wonder what would happen if I started protesting outside Islamic businesses, mosques and attacking Muslims on the street. Yeah, I'd be quite rightly castigated as a bigot, a thug and a criminal. Yet why is it OK for others to do exactly that against Jews?