Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Belgium: Police threaten to strike over introduction of Tasers

(Brussels)  In an attempt to combat the rise in violent crimes but at a much lower risk than using a real gun The interior minister of Belgium Jan Jambon launched a trial of the Taser to see if it should become a standard tool for the police force, invoking a royal decree empowering the ministry to allow the use of "special weaponry". Well that hasn't gone down well with the the Belgian police union VSOA which has filed a strike notice to protest against the government's measure of trialling Tasers to some police districts.

VSOA claims that the law does not apply to the police forces that would be using the weapon. This would leave the officers who discharge the weapon without a mechanism for liability, putting them in the position of being held individually responsible for the use of the weapon.

I'm sure the Islamic thugs who have run riot over Belgium these past few years are laughing in their boots.