Saturday, February 4, 2017

UK: Muhamed the child rapist who did a runner ,caught after he posts pictures of his new location on social media.

(Stoke) In 2015, Muhamed Avais was charged with raping a child from between 2004 and 2012 and as he was caught in the UK, he was bailed until his trial. However Muhamed was having none of this British Justice and he caught a plane to his native Pakistan and was never seen again the day before he was to stand trial for a raft of sex attacks against a school girl. 

Muhamed Avais 
Presuming that he had escaped justice Muhamed started publishing photos of his new location in Abu Dhabi which he relocated to in 2016 on social media  So armed with this information, the British Old bill put out an international arrest warrant followed by an extradition order for Muhamed . Which is why he was picked up on Thursday, brought back to the Uk on Friday and today jailed for 20 years, after he was found guilty in his absence (Actually he received 19 years and and the extra year was for doing a runner)